“Passing the bug….” in colloquial language has a different sort of meaning. No one likes to take the blame, so every one tries to pass the bug ( or is it buck?) to the next person in the corporate ladder!

It is natural and one of the survival instincts of human kind. This instinct needs skill and creativity to manipulate! Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can do it. Well, sometimes, the lowest or the highest rung in the corporate ladder has to face and shoulder the responsibility of the outcome of the mistake made.

When bus drivers go on strike, the matter has been looked into and dealt with. Now, comes another problem. To give them better salary, well, raise the bus fares. Just as simple as that! Problem solved!

When taxi drivers do not earn enough, they play hide and seek with the commuters. Long queues at shopping centres. Then it creates a shortage of taxis because of this cat and mouse game. Solution? Simple! Supply more taxis and then increase the fares. Who suffers? Anybody can guess!

When food hawkers feel the pinch because of the rising cost of doing business, they know what to do! Raise the price of the food they sell. Some clever guys will say, “If you think the hawkers are unreasonable in their pricing, do not buy from them!” Very sound advice! But what happens when all the hawkers raise their prices?

To cut the long story short, who are the ones who get the hardest blow? They are the ordinary wage-earners.Their bosses will not say, “Oh, since everything is going up, I’ll also up your salary!” If you have that type of  boss, you can really die for him – so caring and understanding! But alas, is there such a one? Then I will nominate him to be the WORLD’S MOST EMPATHETIC AND KINDEST BOSS OF MANKIND!


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