In my last post, someone reminded me of the OPPORTUNITY COST which I have mentioned in my book CONVERSATION WITH INSANITY.  The writer must have read my book  or else he must be one of my cohorts in the Economics class in those days!


How true it is! Let’s face it. This is real LIFE! If I were the CEO of a company, a hawker or an ordinary businessman, I would raise the price of my goods or services in order to make more profits. I have to find ways and means- mere excuses – for my action! When there is a good opportunity, why don’t I try it. It is legitimate and within the law. The ordinary folks can cry “wolf, wolf!”, who cares, as long as I reap the benefits of a larger profit. So, this is LIFE.

“If you want to make use of my services, I charge you more. Or else, why don’t you take a bus?” the taxi-driver would say to the would be passenger. “The bus is cheaper than taking a taxi if you do not have the dough!”
When the bus fares go up, the poor commuter will have no other alternatives. “Who says?” the wise guy reply. “If commuters think that the bus fare is too high, they can always use the oldest method of transport – WALK!
Ah, poor commuters! Cars are a luxury – beyond the reach of most of us. Now, taxis are also out of reach – un-affordable!Now, buses and MRT trains will soon follow – beyond our reach. What else will follow……

Soon, there will be many cyclists on the road. They will be the ones not to mention the influx of pedestrians on the roads. Everywhere will be jammed by these two groups of people. Solution? Easy and simple. Erect gantries and collect passing through levies at those places where the jams are more serious. Good opportunity for such actions. One stone solve 2 or more problems. First, it brings in extra profit. Then it reduces traffic jams caused by cyclists and pedestrians. Also, the enforcers can start issuing more fines for jay-walking, littering (for throwing of cigarette butts while walking) Then for all you know, I may be head hunted and be promoted to be the ROAD MAYOR, BECAUSE I HAVE ALL THESE AND MANY MORE SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE PROBLEMS. I am willing to bet my last dollar, anyone?


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