All of us have dreams.What are your dreams? Have you fulfilled them? If yes, you are indeed very blessed! If no, what are you going to do about it?

Our dreams change as we grow older. Each of us has different dreams at different periods of our lives. Gone are the make-believes and childish fantasies as we grow older. Then our dreams become more pragmatic and down to earth. It is our dreams that keep us alive and have faith in the tomorrows to come! It is our ultimate hope that one day we shall and will achieve what we have been dreaming about.

In order for us to fulfill our dream, the dream has to be realistic and within our capabilities! Many of us want to be millionaires by the age of 40. Is this possible? Are we capable of earning that much of money within such a short span of working life. No one can be a millionaire by working for other people and drawing a salary. We will be able to make a million by making others work for us if we are the boss of a company! NO MAN CAN EARN A MILLION THROUGH WORKING FOR ANOTHER PERSON!

Yet, we always dream of better days ahead! Even though we cannot be millionaires, that does not deter us from dreaming. Hence, LIFE IS A DREAM or IS IT MORE THAN A DREAM? I’ll let you  answer that question yourself!

Perhaps, there is always another reason why we always have dreams. Let the poem below speak to us:


Make-believe world,
A temporal haven;
Free from pressing needs,
An ideal place to live forever;
The shangri-la of the mind,
Must return to reality,
The bubble burst
Sleeper awakes,


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