This year, I have posted more than 3 new poems just on Christmas alone. I think this will be my last posting.

As Christmas is always nearer towards the end of the year, it is also very meaningful as we celebrate this season, we also take stock of our lives! Let us count our blessings from January to this date! God is wonderful, isn’t it? Let us thank and praise Him from the bottom of our hearts!

REJOICE AND I SAY REJOICE. That’s what the Word of God says….So, “count our blessings and name them one by one” and we will be able to see what God has done! Let the poem below speak to our hearts:


Each Christmas is a reminder,
God’s Only Son came to the world,
In flesh and blood like you and me;
His mission:
To redeem and reconcile us with God;
As a Sacrificial Lamb for our sins,
His Grace is given freely to all,
Regardless of colour, culture or creed;
If only we open our heart’s door,
And invite Him to reside within!
To Him our Saviour and Lord,
Who draws us closer to Him this season;
May we at each Christmas,
Remember God’s Love towards us,
Rededicate ourselves and pledge anew,
That others may daily see the Christ in us,
From this Christmas to next Christmas,
The whole year through!

About jeremylum88

Welcome to my blog. You are not a stranger here but a friend whom I have not met before. I am a teacher by profession. I love writing and reading especially poems. I like to share my thoughts and experiences with people. In my blog, you would be able to read some of the poems which I have written many years ago and I would want to leave them as a legacy for all those who love poems! I have devised my own format of poetry -- 11 lines with 36 words in geometrical (diamond) shape: 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1. You may not agree to the sentiments that I have expressed in my poems and I welcome your feedback -- be it positive or negative. I also want you to know that I am not good at typing and how to surf the Internet. I am a novice and gropping around! I would love to read your feedback. Thanks!
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