I remember that I have written a poem lamenting about the pace of life we are facing each day in our country, but I cannot find where I have put it. Must be another sign of old age!

You know, the country where I am from, is a real pressure cooker! From birth, we are drilled to work hard and excel. Otherwise, our neighbours will catch us up! We must lead in all areas . Be the first in ……… Our leaders are proud of our country’s achievements! They continue to exhort us to perform our best. We do not have any natural resources at all. What we have are the human resources. This too is also short of supply because of falling birth-rate. Hence, we open our doors to foreigners and create lots of unhappiness………

This then is our LIFE as I see and experience it! Mine is just a voice crying in the wilderness…… Does any one care?

What should be the title of the poem below: AWAKENING CALL….or…..A SAD NOTE

I was driving aimlessly one day,

Along a busy winding road all the way;

Other drivers whizzed past me,

Like wind combing the trees.

All seemed to have a mission to accomplish,

Only I seemed to have nothing to finish!

In Life’s busy roads,

Pressure increases more than it off lloads,

New inventions help man to reduce labour cost,

Economists equate more dollars at its source;

Cost of living spirals high

Shrinking our income pie!

Thus far have I arrived at this scene,

Where the road ends and nothing new begins,

All these years I’ve been drifting along,

Singing the same mundane song;

What I’ve accomplished is unworthy to boast,

Life through my eyes is a sad note!

The ocean of LIFE  is a battle ground,

In order to survive, every second counts;

No time to stand and stare,

This luxury no one can spare!

Striving to keep ourselves afloat,

Each has to bear his own load;

Retirement is just a meaningless word,

In death, we’ll truly be free from work!

Why are we rushing all the time?

Are we afraid of being left behind?

Will stopping for a moment affect our lives?

Is this the real purpose of our LIFE!

If my thoughts provoke you to seriously reflect,

Changing your life-style without regret!

You’ll start to enjoy LIFE and LIVING,

And become a COMPLET BEING!


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