As I look through the year 2012, I have nothing but thankfulness to God the Almighty. He has provided all my needs. Those things that I lacked, He has taught me to have patience and wait upon Him, having more and better faith in Him as my Provider!

In the remaining last few days of 2012, I am looking forward to another fruitful year. Perhaps, this may be my last days or year. I don’t know why but I am glad and ready to go home to my Lord. There is a certain kind of yearning which I have not felt before when I was younger. Do not mistake me. I am in good health and not suffering from pain or serious illness. I am just getting old. My youthful strength has given way to old age clumsiness. The alertness has become forgetfulness. These are truly signs of old age……..

I do not want to stay on this earth until I become so old and full of sickness that I become a burden to my wife and kids. I know very well that they will willingly look after me, but I do not want that to happen. That is the reason why I do not understand those who are suffering in pain wants God to heal them. For me, I will pray that He would come and take me home!

Perhaps, I am not in their shoes and that is why I don’t understand them. Very true indeed. Each of us is of a different make and one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So, I stop at that.

Whether we like it or not, everyone of us has to grow old and experience old age. Blessed is he who leaves this life at an early stage than at a ripe of age! I remembered that I wrote a poem entitled OLD AGE BATTLE. Let it speak to you…….


At the foothill of Old Age,
Alone one has to climb;
Whether single or married,
Childless or fruitful,
There is no relieve;
One has to be brave,
And face it head on:
Aching bones and painful joints,
Failing eyesight and sapping strength of youth,
The toothless grin and withering skin,
Frail slow gait and soundless ears:
These are the gifts of Time,
To those who linger and refuse to vacate;
It is a blessing,
To leave just before the final stage,
Than to live to a ripe Old Age!


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