Our lives are full of dreams and choices. Where we are today are the results of the dreams and choices we have chosen for ourselves thus far! This year, where is our direction? What is or are our dream/s?

Sometimes, when our going is difficult and we are overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control, it is good remedy to stop and have a restful dream. Dreams can offer us temporary relief! They can refresh us! At times, they can offer us better solutions than when we brood and brood over the events while we are awake!

I do remember that when I first owned a bicycle after my primary education and was going to a new secondary school, my immediate dream was to cycle round the whole island. That was a beautiful dream. I imagined and pictured myself enjoying thoroughly, cycling and swimming along the coast. So I started my practice trial with five other friends. We decided to go to Tanah Merah for a picnic and spend the day there till evening.

We ventured off in good spirits and were all raring to go. At that period of time, the road was long and hilly. We enjoyed ourselves because we were fresh and energetic. After spending many hours of swimming and play water-polo, we decided to call it a day. The home journey was exhausting. We were really tired out completely flat. We had to push our bicycles up the hilly parts having not enough strength to cycle up the slope! We took almost two and a half hour to cycle home.

After that experience, I decided to give up the idea of cycling round the island.

When I first bought my car, I fulfilled my dream! It was interesting and enjoyable. But from a bicycle to a car took me more than fifteen years later! At least, I can say that I did not give up easily!

Enjoy the poem below:


Make-believe world
A temporal haven
Free from pressing needs,
A world you fancy of
An ideal place to live forever;
The Shangrila of the mind,
Must return to reality,
The bubble burst,
Energy recharged,


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