As the Lunar New Year is approaching soon (in February), many shopping centres are decorating their buildings and space for the season.

One of the usual themes is the horoscope section with panels of 12 animals according to the year. It is one of the favourite past-times of many Chinese who would look up their horoscopes to see what the new year has installed for them.

Just this morning before I was on my way to the library to write my post, I visited this shopping centre and overheard a young man telling the girl beside him, “Oh, dear me! What shall we do? According to the almanac, both of us are not compatible!”

I did not stay longer to listen to the rest of the conversation. It started me thinking. Does human relationship among friends depend on the year that we were born? Some believe it to be so. I think it is more than that! It depends more so on our character and our individual efforts to make the relationship work!

Well, this brings back the real life incident of my elderly friend. He did not appreciate his wife when she was alive. They were married but had no children. They often quarrelled because they could not have children, but they did not divorce. Somehow, there was a bondage between them.

After the wife had died that my friend felt the pangs of sorrows. He cried buckets of tears but to no avail. He told us that he regretted that he had not shown enough appreciation for his wife when she was alive. Only when she was gone that he felt that he had lost a part of himself. Two years later, he gladly gave up his life to join his wife.

Compatible relationship is a matter of personal choice and making. We can make it work or otherwise. We have to spend great effort to cultivate relationship. So, again it is a matter of choice!

May the poem speak to all of us:

Different options;
For different solutions
Thoughtful selection is needed;
Weighing the pros and cons!
Solving or creating more new ones,
Decision has to be made;
Correctly or wrongly taken,
Anyone to blame?
Two letters


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