On this quiet morning, I am just contemplating how long does one live on this earth. Give it, 80 to a hundred years or so!
When we consider this length of time to eternity, it is just a speck of dust in an ocean of eternity!

Yet in our very short span of life, we take almost 20 odd years to grow up and ready for work as to build our own career. How long can we work? Give it 40 years. Then we will be going downhill.

Within this 40 years’ period, how much did we contribute towards society? Have we impacted any lives that come into daily contact with us?

Many a young person whom I speak to seems to have one single aim in life: To make a MILLION DOLLARS by the age of 40. Is that an impossible dream? There is no harm in having that dream but we must be realistic. How many of us can achieve that?

Well, what are we here for? If this life is for the preparation of another life which we will be living in eternity, then how far have we prepared?

Perhaps, when we are young and strong, the idea of not living or death never comes to our mind. Yet, there is a constant warning : PREPARE TO MEET YOUR GOD!

Then, perhaps, some one may say that he or she does not believe in God or eternity. So, what is there to look forward to in this life after death? Nothing…..

Whether we are young or old, all of us should heed this advice! If today is the last day of our life, how will we be spending it?

What will your legacy be after you have given up your place on this earth? How would you write your epithet?



  1. Often when people are young they are not interested in the spiritual or in a god. But as soon as something is going wrong they like to blame God and religion for it.
    Once something terrible happened people either found God or started a quest to find the meaning of life and the One behind it.

    The question is which God do people want to find.
    Some do not believe a man could fulfil the Law of God and take the son of God also as the God, not knowing the difference between a god and the God of gods.
    Today lots of people also like to have many gods, mainly out of the sports world, preferably from the soccer world and from the entertainment business mostly from the commercial film and television world.

    The Jewish man of flesh and blood, from the lineage of King David prepared the way for all people to find the restored Israel and enter the restored relationship with the Creator God. those who continually resist to take Jesus for what he really did, do not trust him nor his Holy Father, the One and Only One God Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

    We can only hope that more and more people shall look for the right god and shall be able to find the One and Only One God, whom we should honour and say thanks for having accepted the ransom Jesus Christ brought unto him for us all. By the Grace of Christ Jesus and his Father we can now come up straight to the Father in heaven. Lets do that.

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