A few nights ago, I had a very queer dream. In my dream, some one just gave me the power to have only one wish granted. I had to toss to and fro thinking what wish I should.It was a wonderful and relaxing dream. Oh, how I wish I had not awoken but continued sleeping into eternity!

When I told one of my friends about this dream, he said, “Tell me your wish, and I can tell you your character and personality!” Wow, is it so powerful as that? Just through the interpretation of one wish in a dream and we can tell the person’s character and personality! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Another friend chipped in, “Let me help you interprete to get a 4-digit number so that we can bet on it!”

Another guy begged to differ. “It is not good to have a good dream. It is always the opposite. Good dreams come as a warning.
So, you better be more careful!”

Oh, how true it is that from a dream you could tell the character of a person! Can you tell the character of 3 of my chums? I can!

So, it is interesting when you tell your friends the dream that you have and observe what and how they interprete it, will reveal their personality and character!


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