On our little island, just a red dot on the world map, the best investment is in property. That is why almost three-quarters of our population is tied on to properties. The prices have rocketed so sky-high, that the future generation will never be able to buy a government flat, unless his grandparents or parents are wealth now! THE RICH BECOMES RICHER BECAUSE MONEY BEGETS MONEY WHEN IT GROWS ON TREES!

Many of us live in flats which we always mistakenly call them houses. So do you know the difference between a house and a flat?

Our government build many flats, not houses. Be it a house or a flat, it is just a roof/ceiling above four bare walls. It is heartless and cold: devoid of warmth and love. It is the people who occupy it to make it a home! So, we invite our friends or anyone – “Come to my house” or “Come to my home”?

While writing this post, verses keep forming in my mind. So, enjoy this poem – straight from the oven:


A house is just a roof
Over four bare walls,
Heartless and cold,
Devoid of warmth and love!

A house is not a home,
Where peace and harmony refuse to grow,
Where members cut each other’s throat,
As wounds remain unhealed!

A home lives a family within,
Exuberating warmth, love and care
Tears and laughter fill the air,
Sorrow and comfort together share!

Any one within can bare his soul,
Without feeling the chill and the cold;
Learning the art of love and care,
Peace and harmony everywhere!

Such a house is a home,
Where icy stone walls melt by its warmth and love,
Peace and harmony tiled its harsh bare floor;
Cozy and safe for one and all!

Welcome to my home!


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