As I begin this post, I must tell you that I am not an animal hater. In fact, I love animals! Before my marriage, I had three Alsations. They were beautiful pets – intelligent, responsive and loyal. One of them grew so old that the vet had to put it to sleep. My wife cried for days. After that we do not keep any pets.

Nowadays, we can see many people keep pets especially dogs – the smaller species. Because we live in flats, the smaller ones are easier to manage than their bigger members. I am sure their owners love them very much.

Some owners love their dogs so much that they take them as their children. A couple likes to take their dog to the eating places they frequent.They know that they are breaking the law because I have told them once. But they just ignore and abuse it.

Also, there are others who just let their pets loose when they take them out for a walk. How many of the owners do we see would leash their pets when they take them out? Also when their pets poo, how many of them will clean them up?

These are the responsibilities of pet owners who keep dogs as pets. Are they aware of the greater responsibilities once they become owners? Dogs are better off than cats! Why do I say that. If we go about in our housing estates, we can see many stray cats and very few (in fact none) stray dogs. Can some one make it compulsory for pet owners to go for a course on how to keep the pet they want to buy before the animal is sold to them? If they do not have a licence, they are not allowed to keep pets. Then, when an officer sees that pet owners break the law, they should be issued with a summons.
In this way we can be sure that there will be fewer or perhaps no more stray animals!

It is useless when we have laws, we see people blatantly and defiantly abuse them. Even the officers who are supposed to see that no one breaks the law, see an offender, they usually keep an eye closed! This is what is happening nowadays…..


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