All of us have our own hobbies. Nowadays, the hobbies are infinite because there are so many that sometimes we do not know which one to choose. There are so many modern gadgets to play with unlike those good old days. When society changes, their hobbies also change!

I think the greatest joy when we were young was fishing. I do remember the feelings I had when I was given a fishing rod. I would dream of the numerous fishes I caught and the very big ones that got away!

Alas, what is the real joy that we can derive from fishing? If that is your hobby, you will know it! If that is not your hobby, you can never discover and understand that kind of joy and satisfaction when you have bagged a fish – even a very small one!

I just wrote a poem this morning and I want to share it with all of us. So, here it is:


An angler casts his line,
Patiently waits for the tug;
His joy is not the quantity of fishes he gets,
But the ones that give him a tough fight!

The taut line suddenly comes alive,
Moving swiftly along with the flow,
A glint of joy lights up his eyes,
Confidently, he starts to battle with his catch!

The fish refuses to give up the bait,
It tries to pull and tug against the line;
The angler holds the line with a steady gripe,
A sudden strong tug hooks the snout!

Dangling with hook in mouth, it splashes violently,
Trying to free itself from the deadly foe,
The angler plays his catch like a toy,
Sapping away all its strength!

Victoriously, he reels back his line,
With his catch dangling at the end,
Smilingly, he scoops it with his net,
The catch he has bagged!

This is the angler’s joy
To be the victor in his toil,
Having it for dinner is a reward,
The sheer joy is still the catch!


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