I overheard an argument between a vegetarian and a meat-eater. The vegetarian was trying to impress upon the non-vegetarian that being a vegetarian, his health is better than one who is not. I was truly amused by their silly reasons put forth.

What happens when all the people of the earth become vegetarians? Will we compete with all the herbivores for food? Will there be enough greenery for food and for stability of the environment? Now, we are experiencing insufficient food for the population as it is, what more if the whole human kind and all other animals turn vegetarians? It will be a different scenario, won’t it?

Ah, who am I to judge who is right and who is wrong? I will say let the nature of things be. We cannot domesticate a tiger and make it become vegetarian. By nature, it is a carnivorous animal. It has its usefulness by being a carnivore. When we try to change the natural food-web, NATURE will become imbalanced! Let the nature of things as they are!

May I share this poem which I wrote many years ago:


The tiger shaded by tall grass,
Watching and stalking its prey;
Selected a young calf among the herd,
It springs into lightning action!

The bewildered herd scattered in different directions,
Leaving behind the young innocent calf;
Confused by the sudden commotion,
Did not know whom to follow!

The tiger sank its deadly fangs,
And held the calf by its throat;
Defenseless the poor calf could only kick the air,
Letting out a pitiful painless cry!

The tiger began to feast upon its prey,
While fluttering scavengers hoovering around;
As uninvited guests waiting patiently for their turn,
To feast on the leftover carcass!

It is Nature’s cycle of things,
To balance all things on earth!



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