I know all of us are very busy working people. We find ourselves hurrying here and there doing this or that. Sometimes, we even forgo our lunch, dinner or sleep just to complete an assignment, a crucial agreement or whatsoever just to beat the deadline, and we feel great and secure knowing that we are of some use and an important digit in the organisation. What happens when all these stop all of a sudden? We are faced with nothing to do! We have all the time that we need to stare into space! How would we feel?

Happy or sad? Relaxing or miserable? Or we are feeling lost, unimportant………redundant……totally useless!

This is what most retirees in my country are feeling. Even though they are financially sound, they do not need to worry about their daily meals and expenses, yet they do not know how to utilize their free time – almost 18 hours a day! One of my friends says that he enjoys the new freedom and the new way of life in the early years. But as time goes on, he finds it more and more difficult to occupy his time! Is it true for every one?

Our brains have been trained and accustomed to function 18 hours a day for the past 40 years and now all of a sudden, there is complete silence. Silence means no sound, no activity! To many of us SILENCE is pretty scary! If we are locked up in a room, just bare 4 walls and have nothing to do, we might become disorientated and later become insane or eccentric . This is what happens to people who are in solitary confinement in prison cells!

The power of silence is like a solitary isolation. All living things are gregarious by nature and if we isolate one, especially the human species, we can tame them! Ah, what about the monks and hermits? Have they overcome the power of silence? I don’t know. This I know for a fact: THEY ARE ECCENTRIC. Otherwise, who wants to become a hermit or a monk!

Ah, I know who are the people who have overcome THE POWER OF SILENCE! May the poem below tell you so!



Soundless ears,

Two white elephants;

Pregnant with unexpressed thoughts,

Using eyes, actions and heart,

Trying to communicate and express feelings;

Laughter, barking, singing and noise –

What is the difference?

Only soundless images,

Hand gestures,



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