To err is human…… So, it is natural for everyone of us to make common mistakes. These mistakes may cause us a delay or a detour and they can be easily rectified. If we make a blunder (a very serious mistake ), then we will be filled with remorse and regret for the remaining days of our lives!

There are many kinds of errors. Fortunately, most of the common mistakes we make are not serious. We can rectify them easily and learn from them – never to repeat that error again. The tragedy will be making the same mistake twice or thrice!

The serious mistakes we make sometimes cannot be rectified no matter how much we regretted making them. These will serve as a painful reminder throughout the remaining years of our lives.

We make mistakes because of the wrong or bad choice we have chosen. If we are careful in choosing our options, we will be able to lessen the risks of making a mistake.

But should we be so fearful of making a mistake that we dare not decide which option to take and therefore, we leave the matter dangling in the air? No, we should not! We must try to study all the available options that are before us. Consider the pros and cons of each option before we finally decide on our choice. In other words, we must be well-informed.
Rushing into making a decision is one of the greatest mistakes of all. Never, never do that!

When a mistake has been made, we must admit to ourselves that it is our mistake and learn not to repeat that mistake again. We should not give excuses or try to blame others for our mistakes! We have to apologize and rectify the error. We must not be discouraged because we have made a mistake. Treat this as a learning process!

SOME MISTAKES, ONCE MADE, CANNOT BE UNDONE! WE HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Still our lives go on! Putting them behind us and taking them as painful reminders will somehow help us to lessen the risks of making that mistake twice!

Well, the poem below may express our sentiment when we make a serious mistake.



Deep regret;

Devoid of happiness,

Heart skewered by needles,

The effect of wrong decision,

That creates the present sorrowful situation;

What’s done, can’t be undone,

Embalming the pain bravely;

Paying the price,

In full,




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