NONE IS SO BLIND THAN THOSE WHO HAVE EYES BUT DO NOT SEE OR FEEL! Today, I shall just post a poem which I wrote some years back. It will speak to you and you will empathize how a blind man feels.


What is light?

The mighty FORCE that drives away darkness!

The TORCH that illuminates the minds!

The ENERGY that gives colours and sights!

Only to those that have eyes!

Alas, in my world of pitch darkness,

No amount of light will brighten my world!

Nor illuminate my craving mind,

Colours and sights are nothingness,

Emptiness and formless!

Light is just a scorching heat,

That warms my face and hands;

It arouses me from my blissful dreams,

And snatches away all my hopes of sight!

So, tell me what is light?

Its beauty and its majesty,

That I may also bathe in its mystery!


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