We have a very peculiar habit. We always and often yearn and long for things when we do not have them yet we do not know how to cherish and appreciate the things we have at the present moment until we lose them. Always on hindsight do we realize that we are such foolish people when the things or people we have around us are gone or not with us anymore!

Isn’t this tragic? And it happens so very often in our daily lives! I am sure all of us have this kind of peculiar habit. I think this includes all other animals such as dogs and cats. I know for a fact because I have tested and experimented it with my pet Alsations many years ago. They often proved my theory is correct and true!

Well, we have only one short span of life on this earth. How many of us appreciate the things, people and environment that we have? Do we cherish them? I will not answer for you!

Actually, the whole earth belongs to Mankind. Why do people draw imaginary borders and create divisions among ourselves and fight with each other and one another over border issues? That is why the Ancients says : MAN CAN NEVER LIVE IN PEACE!

Just below the surface of PEACE, WAR lurks in shadows. Each and every country has border issues with its neighbours.

I just want to share this thought with us today. Perhaps, the poem below may convey the sentiment:


Entrapped in this mortal body of flesh,
With only two windows of sight;
To view the whole wide world,
How I long to free myself,
And fly like an eagle in the sky;
Crossing oceans and continents,
And man-made borders of contention;
Why draw imaginary lines of division,
When the land is not ours to keep?

We are all travelers on transit,
On this earth within limited time,
Why spend it in hoarding and quarrelling,
When we can’t bring it along when we die?

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature,
Soak in the beauty of the earth;
Bask in the glorious sunshine and gentle breeze;
Bathe in the cool waters of the gurgling stream,
Admire the giant oaks and teaks,
The healing herbs and creepers;
Appreciate the tiny ants and ladybirds,
The whales and the sharks;
Respect the big cats and reptiles,
The ugly toads and the humble bees;
And all the great and small things in life,
Before they or we are gone forever!



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