There are many reasons why students play truant. Instead of going to school, they will rather go to some other places or just laze around at home. How many form-teachers have studied the root cause of their students playing truant in their classrooms?
In this age and time, it is easier for teachers to contact their students during school hours or after if they are responsible teachers. How many of them have taken the trouble to do so?

The group of students whom I have volunteered to counsel and talk to are not actually bad or naughty students. The only thing is that they are immatured. When I helped them to analyse the root cause, I found that most of them are trying to run away from some emotional problems they faced in school and they did not know how to cope with it. So, their immediate and easiest response was to flee or run away from it!

Only one or two of them joined the wrong company of outside dropouts and were being encouraged and influenced by them. They had no one to advise them nor parents to dot on them. Their parents were too involved in making ends meet, so they neglected their children. It is very sad indeed to see such students becoming worse.

But, it is a great joy when I see many of them turning over a new leaf – trying their best to change their attitude towards their studies. Among this group, one of them asked me once why I had taken my time to care and speak to them whenever they played truant. I gave him my answer and explain to him that I was once like them but fortunately I met a teacher who could turn me around by showing genuine care and concern. I must thank this teacher but before I could do that he had migrated.

Well, it is indeed very difficult to find this kind of dedicated teachers nowadays! At that time, the salary scale of teachers and nurses were among the lowest scale in the civil service! Yet, these teachers could influence and make a difference in the education service without any limelight, reward or incentive


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