Are we aware that each of us has different levels of understanding? Even though we are of the same age, gender and brought up in the same environment, our understanding differs.Then as one matures, our understanding level goes higher.

Of course there is the mental age and the chronological age difference and yet many of us seems to forget that. As the female matures earlier and faster than their male counterparts, their level of understanding is better in the earlier years. So, they seem to be cleverer than boys!

Now, this leads me to the question: Does a teacher know how to assess a comprehension passage for reading and testing, and say if it is appropriate or intended for students of a particular level? If we were to take a survey, I would say that more than 90 % of the teachers do not know the technique of assessing a passage for reading and comprehension for an particular level. Why is that so? It is because they have not been taught at all in their career!

Most of the teachers depend too much on commercially produced assessment books. They just pick and choose even without changing or rewriting the questions.

Perhaps, some one should do a survey and start a research paper on this problem!


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