Nowadays, we can see many elderly people when we walk along any road or just in a shopping centre. Our population is greying. It is a fact and I know that our government is trying to cope with the greying population.

Though our government is very proactive, how much can they do if the ordinary people in the streets do not have that kind of foresight or vision? The government must try its best to move the common people to see what they see in order to move the people forward. Otherwise, no matter what they do to arrest the problems, they are putting the cart before the horse!

The present problem of insufficient babies to replace the older generation is difficult to tackle. I know of a number of couples who are trying to reproduce but become childless. It’s is a fact of life nowadays that many young couples put a temporary halt in favour of individual freedom. Moreover, they know the greater responsibilities in bringing up a child nowadays! Many are reluctant because of the unknown future for their young!

Hence, in order to encourage the young to have babies, our government must try to satisfy the three basic problems:
1. Provide the couple to have a home of their own. Property prices are so high that many of these will not be able to afford to own them.
2. The education fees is also on the rise. Can the government provide free education for all up to university level instead of using the parents’ CPF? Then every one can have an equal footing to start their career! Perhaps, the government can levy a certain amount each month for the first 5 years of a graduate’s working life just as a token of repayment to show his loyalty to the country.
3. Free health care for the young (up to 18) and the elderly (65 and above)

Perhaps, I am asking for the moon as I am an ignorant man. Perhaps some one may have a better way out! But we must always remember that we are not gods. Sometimes, some things are beyond our control no matter how hard we try. Then, WHAT MUST BE WILL BE!


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