A woman just carry her child in the womb for a mere 9-month period but once the child is born, we have to care for him our whole life-time! This ancient saying tells us the seriousness and great responsibilities of parenthood.

All living things can procreate. It is one of Nature’s laws! Actually, we do not need to go to war in order to dominate the world. We can do it by procreation. This process is sure to succeed although it will take a long time!

Enough is being said about why the young people in our country refuse to become parents and how our government is dishing out sweets and other goodies to entice them to reproduce. Now, without the stress on responsible parenthood, any Tom, Dick or Harry heeds the advice and plunges headlong into producing a dozen of his kind. Without much parental guidance, (as both husband and wife work the whole day) these kids will have to be looked after by the maids. This new generation will have peculiar habits and life-styles from their previous generations. Also the rate of divorce will escalate because their main aim is to procreate to help the government solve the population problem.

So, what will the scenario be? We may have a stop-gap temporarily now but we may have created worse problems for the future generation.

This is the backlash of our STOP AT TWO of yester-years!


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