The other day I heard two friends discussing WHAT MAKES US MORE HUMANE? Then both of them popped the question to be and asked for my opinion.

What can I say because I do not want to be drawn into discussing RELIGION which is a sensitive issue? I believe that it is RELIGION that makes us more humane! Any religion! The belief that there is a supernatural being who governs the spiritual world will somehow make us humane. What about those who do not believe in God, a Supreme Being and Nothing at all? Will they become inhumane? No, I do not think so as long as he or she believes in RETRIBUTION.

Generally, all sane people will believe that there is RETRIBUTION even though we may not witness it. Good people will get their reward and bad people will reap what they have sown! Because of this principle, many evil doers hesitate to commit more evil!

Somehow or other, when we have a religion, we would try to live by what we believe in. Most religions usually teach us to be humane, to persevere, and lead a good life! If any religion teaches us to be bad, to murder and kill, cheat and steal, then, we better break away from such a religion.

There are some people who treat RELIGION as BUYING AN INSURANCE! That is a good comparison. Before we commit ourselves to buying any insurance, we will read what the company has to offer. So likewise, look at its source and credentials before we venture into any agreement. Do we accept and believe what it says? Be well-informed and then make the choice because this will affect our eternity! Hope we have found the RELIGION which makes us more humane. I have. Have you?


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