All through the centuries, Man has tried ways and means to prolong his life. In the ancient world, we read that many believed that they could attain eternal life by creating a pill or tablet and eating it. Others by eating certain types of flowers and herbs. Still others…… by living righteously, by chanting sutras and chakras or by living a holy life! The various 1 001 methods have failed miserably because it remains a fact that Man must die one day!

The source of most if not all religions is MAN’S WAY TO REACH GOD (HEAVEN) in this life. This belief has enabled Man to persevere and hope while he is alive! It is a fact that LIFE IS SUFFERING! All the great founders of religion who tried to eliminate this suffering were mere human beings. But SUFFERING IS LIFE ITSELF! SUFFERING is still with us till this day!

All these founders of religion are dead and gone. They were buried on earth and some of their remains are still with us. THERE IS ONLY ONE EXCEPTION. There was and is one that has risen from the grave. All the other founders dared not make the claim as GOD, but this one is different! HE claims that He is God and He comes from Heaven. He says that He knows the WAY because HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE….

Why don’t we study deeper what this MAN says and compare HIS WAY AND LIFE with the ones we believe in? Know the difference and then make our decision. Why not do it now, THIS VERY MOMENT and we will know the difference!


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