One of my close friends asked me if I find difficulty in writing a post or two to put on my blog. The answer is “yes”. The difficulty is not that I have nothing to write on but too much and many that I do not know which one to write on!

Now, I admit that writing, keeping and updating a blog, be it daily or fortnightly, is not an easy task! We must be prepared to spend some time in doing it. Not only that, we must also feel the joy of doing it is worthwhile! Otherwise, why don’t we do something more meaningful.

Now, I am not being paid to write. I do not receive any monetary gains at all and never dream of getting any kind of reward. I write because I love to share my thoughts and experiences. Above all, the joy and satisfaction comes when people read and comment on what I have written be it positive or negative comment. At the same time, I also try not to step on any one’s toes and make enemies instead of friends. I do not want to hurt or insult any one. I respect the various beliefs and cultures of others.

Next, I believe that all of us are friends not strangers. We are friends though we have not met each other or one another before. As friends, we like to share our thoughts and experiences, knowledge and news. All these will enrich our lives.

I like to read similar blogs written by others and follow them. Sometimes, I give them my comments on their blogs when I share their point of view. These bloggers would also share their views with me. So we can understand each other better.

I have written many posts and whenever appropriate, I would add a poem which I have written a long time ago. This is to add some flavour to my blog. Because I do not know how to add pictures, cartoons or photographs (I am IT illiterate), this is the least I can do to make my blog a little different. How I wish I were IT savvy! I always admire those who are!

Well, this is why I am keeping a blog. I hope that I have not stepped on anyone’s toes. If I had, then please be magnanimous enough to forgive me as I did not do it intentionally!


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