All my Roman Catholic friends are getting excited with the election of a new pope. I just wonder why it was so! To me he is just as ordinary as any other person. But not to them! To them, the new pope is empowered by God. He is the representative of God. We must reverend him.

To me, no one can represent God. He does not need any one to represent Him. All men are fallible and all men are sinners. None of us is fit or worthy to represent God.

All men are equal when we stand in front of God. When we have accepted Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross for our sins, all of us are reconciled with God and become His Children. We can approach God directly. We do not need a go-between. We have direct access to God. God has not left us to fend for ourselves or walk blindly on this earth. He has given us the Holy Spirit. He will teach us and guide us in all things!

Well, this is my belief. Now back to my Roman Catholic friends. They are all very happy that the new pope is anti-gay! Now with the gay movement creeping and advancing strongly in all areas of life, let us see what the new pope is made of! Does he allow gay marriages into the religious field? Or would he kow-tow to the strong force of liberation of freedom!

It is a fact that all new things bring forth new hope. May the NEW POPE SETS THE BEGINNING OF NEW HOPES! The WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND WAITING……. I will add one more: PRAYING!


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