Why are we still living day by day although we know very well that LIFE IS SUFFERING? My elderly friend of eighty asked me this question the other day. I think the main reason which is very obvious is IT IS NOT OUR TURN TO DIE YET!

After living for the past eighty years, we still do not know the answer. What a mystery!

We keep on living daily because there is hope within us that tomorrow will be a better day. Most of us treasure this hope that is in us whether consciously or otherwise. Definitely, every day we feel that we are useful. We do make a difference in the lives of our family members, relatives, society … or the world.I strongly believe that each of us does make a difference. We continue to live because we feel wanted, we can still contribute; and there is some kind of a purpose which is hidden inside us. Perhaps some people may see deeper than I.

Well, as I was contemplating on this question, some verses come rushing back and forth. So, let the poem speak to all of us:


Our existence becomes meaningless,
When we lose our usefulness;
When we are side lined by the coach,
our will to excel diminish!

We live because we feel wanted,
We can contribute our worth;
Play our part in the game of life,
We can make the difference!

When we are robbed off the will to live,
Being replaced and side lined,
We will be a living dead,
Waiting for the hour to vacate!

What purpose is our living then,
When we do not make a difference;
Eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping,

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