It never rains but it pours! The past week was sad and eventful. I was overcome by grief when my nephew yielded himself to cancer and lost the battle. This is the first time that I have experienced someone closely related to me passed away in his prime of life!

When the last stage of cancer came, I saw the hopelessness of fighting against such a mighty foe. The doctors gave him three more months to live but within three weeks, he completely gave up. The final pain and agony was truly unbearable…………

Now, actually I am happy for him. The pain has finally stopped and he can have a peaceful rest! Now, I could just recollect the happy times we shared together when he was a lovable child. I am treasuring all these memories………..

Does it take a tragedy in order to wake us up? Does each of us treasure the moments that we have with our loved ones, relatives and friends? Don’t wait till the last minute to realize that there is not much time left! That will be tragic indeed!

Now, I am not good at expressing myself and I am still not emotionally recovered. I just want to exhort and encourage all of us to TREASURE EACH MOMENT THAT WE HAVE……………..

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