Again, I am posting a poem. Let us allow the poem to speak to us.


Black clouds covering the bright blue sky,
Forcing the blazing sun to hide;
Armed with strong powerful winds,
The storm started to brew!

The winds roared across the seas,
Summoned the waves to grow like beasts,
Towering boats and ships they howled,
Lashing and tossing them like cats with their prey!

The waves marched up to shore and land,
Covering buildings and trees like a thick huge blanket;
Sweeping everything along its path,
The watery army marched!

Down came the torrents of spears,
Planting the sea and land;
Like crumpled soft tissue they yield,
In pandemonium everything was disarrayed!

The tsunami raged on and on,
Travelling at lightning speed;
Debris, carcasses and corpses afloat,
Mingled with thick mud and concrete!

How can we stop such an onslaught,
When Nature in anger and fury it retaliates?
Let its anger and fury run its course,
We can only rebuild!


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