Today, I am giving you a dose of my poems. I do not know why, but the verses just come to me as I write on my blog. Perhaps, I read somewhere that is encouraging bloggers or poets to write 30 poems for the month of April and here I am trying to do my part! I don’t know how to connect with them; so I quietly do what I can do. I cannot write poems off hand if the verses do not come. Once, they start to flow, it just floods! So, straight from the oven, freshly baked!


Puffing like a dragon, the smoker inhales,
The toxic air rich in tar and nicotine;
Oblivious to the warning on the pack:
Beware of the snare! Beware!
Exhaling the curly clouds of smoke,
Craving more for the toxic air;
Inhaling the poison that mars and clogs the lungs;
Believing he will never be a victim or prey!
Too late for remorse and regret,
When cancer tightens the vice-like grip on his life;
Death is not instant but a lingering hell,
The unbearable pain does not cease;
Only waiting, pining and longing,
For instant death!
Smokers, do heed the warning on the pack,
The reeds are camouflage baits to hell;
Don’t dice with your life,
Quit while you are able to flee;
Too late and you will be the prey!


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