I used to gaze at clouds as a pastime when I was very young and started to day-dream and remained in my own make-believe world! Oh, those were the care free days of my life. Although we were very poor, my three sisters and I always managed to have our stomachs filled.

Even now, as I look at the clouds in the sky, they always give me hope and joy! But I cannot hide in my own make-believe world anymore! How sad!

I just wonder if you gaze at the clouds in the sky, can you see the formations the clouds create. Do we have a short moment to enjoy some simple free creative relaxing moment in our busy life schedule?

It was in one of these cloud gazing moments that I wrote the poem below when I was a late teenager. I have kept this poem for a very long time. Now, I am going to share it. Hope you will enjoy it:


Fluffy woolly participants of the aerial parade,
Blossom in varied forms;
With shades of white and grey
Tinted with hues of brown and blue;
Like giant snails towing heavy bales,
Moving slowly across the vast patchy sky!
An unseen force shouts and howls,
Trying to quicken the sluggish pace;
The sun casts its beams of light in haste!
A bale tumbles and spills,
A myriad skeins of silky silk;
Floating like ripples in flowing water,
What a magnificent dance they display!
Only for those who who have time to gaze,
And appreciate the simple joy of life!

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