May the poem below speak to all of us. I would welcome any reaction from readers!


Old age is a curse or a blessing,
Depends on how we view it;
It’s the last lap before the end,
When the final curtain is drawn!

It’s a blessing when sons and daughters are filial,
Caring for your needs and wants;
It’s a curse when their responsibility abandon,
And let you face the consequence!

Blessed is he whose grandchildren gather around,
Listening to grandpa’s yarns of his youth;
Pitiful is he eating alone beside himself
With the pesky flies his constant companions!

It is still a bless when we are in good health,
It’s a worst curse when we are immobilized in a wheel-chair;
Day in and day out we have to patiently wait,
For death to transport us away!

Every one of us has to grow old,
Taking this path is beyond our control;
When aches and pains inflict our bodies,
We are at Time’s mercy!

When our bodies succumbs to diverse ailments,
No medicine can relieve the situation;
Just suffer, grit and bear them in silence,
Only the elderly knows the difference!

When sight and hearing begin to fail,
Smell and taste do not seem real;
Mobility will be problematic,
A troublesome burden to others will be prophetic!

It’s indeed a blessing to leave silently in health,
Then to live to a hundred in this earthly hell!


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