Communication between couples, friends, relatives…… is very important and vital. It is through this channel that feelings, needs, heartaches……..are shared and resolved.
All quarrels and misunderstanding can be resolved through communication. It only needs one to have a give and take attitude and come to a compromise. If one gives and inch and the other wants a yard, a compromise can settle the dispute. If both sides hold their grounds, then, it would be a head-on collision!
All of us know that “Distance makes the heart grows fonder!” But if there is no communication between the distances, then the relationship will be in jeopardy! When there is lack of communication, distrust and doubts rear their heads……
It is with these thoughts that the poem below is written. Hope it speaks to you!


Between couple;
An important link,
Increases love and understanding!
No communication means drifting apart,
And doubts and quarrels will start,
Leading towards badly severed relationship;
Each going separate ways,
No meeting grounds,
Final outcome,

And divorce seems the only and simple way out! It is irony, isn’t it. I have posted the poem entitled DIVORCE some years ago, but today I have written another one. Let me share it with you:


Broken marriage,
Every one suffers;
Children suffer the most!
Inability to understand the reasons,
Why parents grow out of love?
Their cozy nest is broken,
Parents are constantly quarrelling,
Their world tumbling,
Psychologically scarred,

I always value feedback. Please give me your feedback! I welcome them.


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