Today, I am a little cheeky. I have written this poem some years ago, but kept it to myself. I just found it recently while I was searching for something else. The poem brought back the feelings I had when I wrote it. I want to share it with all of us today. Hope it speaks to you like it speaks to me!


Matchboxes stacking sky high,
They are our homes in the sky!
Higher and higher we build them,
Above the clouds, reaching Heaven’s door!

Soon Heaven is a stone throw away,
We can just walk across to play;
God must be annoyed with our intrusion,
Non-stop noises from our radios and television!

Giving Him no peace and rest,
With our constant chatter and requests;
Soon, He will have to settle our fights and quarrels,
Which will develop into wars and acts of terror!

Finally, God will decide to vacate His abode,
And migrate to another distant star,
Leaving Heaven in our hands,
Can we envisage how it will end?


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