How long does a nestling remain in its nest,
When life is cozy and all its needs are met?
It will never learn the exhilarating joy of flight,
Nor the harsh realities of life!

Once its wings are strong and developed,
Its mother will lay some sharp thorns and twigs,
Making the nest uncomfortable for its chick,
Forcing it to leave the nest!

Standing a distance away from its chick,
With food dangling in her beak,
Tempting the hungry chick,
To stand and move to get its feed!

Each feed is a little further away,
Till it is at the edge of the branch,
Balancing itself with out-stretched wings,
The chick moves forward to get the bait!

As it falls, it begins to flap its wings,
Learning the first lesson of flying,
Soon, it experiences the joy of freedom,
And the exhilarating joy of flight!

How long can we protect our children,
From the harsh realities of life?
We have to fortify them with life survival skills
Not by giving them vitamin pills!


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