All of us want wealth, glory and fame. A person who does not want or desire to have any one of them must be a saint! Desiring and wanting them is good but if we go bashing ourselves to have them irregardless of what happens, then we are indeed blinded by them.

Some people can or are willing to sell their souls in exchange for them! Get them through whatever means – that will be disastrous to our lives!

I hope to share this poem with all of us. May it speak to us:


Some people run after wealth and popularity,
Others go for fame and glory,
They are just temporary names,
Which pass on like a party-game,
From one to the other!

When it sticks to us, we rejoice,
When it leaves us, our lives will be in turmoil,
Fleeting moments of joy,
Leaving sorrowful trails of tears and toil!
For us as a reminder!

Let it overwhelm us with its joyful floods,
Never get drunk or drown by its mirky waters,
For the best is yet to be,
While the worst is yet to come!
Use this motto as a guide!

Today we become famous,
Tomorrow will be some one’s turn;
In the ferris wheel of change,
In this title awarding game!
Everything is temporal!

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