This morning as I was reading the post by Sprinklin Thoughts on FOOLISH MAN, it starts me thinking of my life at age 60 years.

We always look at our lives and on hindsight, we realize how blessed we are! Things and events occurred separately seems to fall into a nice pattern – a tapestry!

So, each day as each event unfolds, the story is continuing. That will be the history of our lives!

FOOLISH MAN also reminds me of the parable in the Bible. He built his house not on solid ground. So when adversity came, his house came tumbling down. Now, it makes me wonder, what kind of a house can withstand the tsunami of our lives? We must have the best anchor and faith to cling onto our belief that the ROCK of Jesus Christ is able to withstand and weather the worst tsunami of life!

Well, I wrote the poem below almost 10 years ago. I have posted it sometime ago and I am re-posting it to share with everybody. May it speak to you!


Thus far have I lived,
Tutored by experience and time;
Knowledge and wisdom have I gathered,
In this short span of sixty years;
Events come and go like changing scenes,
The different roles I portray have been predestined,
Hero or villain or just a supporting star,
The parts are assigned but not the lines,
Nor how the plot progresses;
Rightly or wrongly, I perform my role,
The after effects will then dictate,
How the plot be woven;
Sometimes, helplessly I stand and gaze,
Like an addict in a daze;
There’s linkage in every small subplots
As they unfold in a maze;
On what note does one’s biography end,
Is for others to judge,
The deeds performed with good intention,
May turn sour and cause bad relation,
Age-old wisdom has to accommodate,
The new modern lifestyle fashion;
Each era comes with new ideals
And causes the shifting of paradigms;
Life is so fluid, like changing forms of clouds,
Though the pendulum swing is regular,
Every minute is fleeting past,
Sixty years seem like yesterday,
Experience has this to say:
Appreciate what you have before they pass,
The moment cannot be saved and does not last,
Savour each blessing along the way,
Be happy and gay!
Life’s short but compact,
Learn to live in tact!


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