If we are asked to give an answer to the above question, what would our answer be like? Indeed, each one of us view LIFE in different angles and perspective. We will use our experience and knowledge to give a proper account of what LIFE means to us! Alas, is it a fully answered question? The answer is a big “NO”!

When we talk about LIFE, we are actually touching on the relationships of Man, his daily actions and reactions to his environment, both living as well as non-living, and the world at large. Even then, the question is not fully answered! To the philosophically and religiously minded, LIFE is more than all these: A preparation for the after LIFE! Then, this question will turn a full cycle to the question of THE ENIGMA OF MAN!

I was being asked to answer this question. I hesitated to give a reply. I told the inquirer that I could answer that question according to my experience which is just a fraction of a glimpse of LIFE itself! If someone were to ask a goldfish “what is water”, what do you think would be its reply?

The poem below was written just last evening. Let us see how it speaks to all of us.


What is LIFE?

The question which intrigues every Man!

Is it the daily existence of living,

Our actions and reactions to our environment?

Each of us has our own definitions,

Based on our personal experience;

Still it does not fully answer,

The real meaning of LIFE!

The facets of LIFE is infinite,

Each window shows a glimpse of a fraction,

Which requires our life-time of learning;

Yet we will never fully understand,

The true meaning of what LIFE is!


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