How well do we understand what other people say? That is a very good question to ask! For those who are happily married, the question will be HOW WELL DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SPOUSE SAYS?

Our level of understanding is very much different. Sometimes we think that what we have said is plain and simple enough for the other person to understand, yet there is always misunderstanding – miscommunication! That is what makes the world go round!

Well, I just wrote this poem a few days ago. Let it speak to us.


Our level of understanding,

Is based upon personal experience;

Though words convey the meaning,

They are very complex to fathom!

Words are lifeless sounds,

Which need human feelings to make them alive,

Our understanding depends on,

How taut these feelings are stretched!

Compassion, sympathy and empathy,

Are meaningless words,

Which stretch our feelings to unequal depths,

Depending on our age and experience,

The degree of differences is vast,

That will be our level of understanding!


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