The topic “haze” has dominated most of our conversation recently: the good as well as the bad! I have even expressed my two-cent worth of thoughts on this website. Let us close this chapter since our governments are knocking their heads to solve the problem and I wish them well and god-speed!

This morning, somehow upon analysis, we have observed human behaviour at its worse during the haze period! You should see how people behave in the queue to buy the masks! The scenario was like the end-times. Observing them, the poem posted below was born. Let me share it with all of you.


Whenever there is a crises,
That affects the lives of individuals;
The worst human behaviour will surface,
Because of the instinct of personal survival!

No matter what race, religion or creed,
This instinct can never be eradicated;
It can be subdued in normal times of peace,
But will manifest itself when personal survival is at stake!

Years of prayers, chanting and practice,
Have all gone to waste!
‘Love your neighbour as yourself’,
Is just hollow bones without any meat!

This is the truth all of us can see,
Thrice in Peter’s life just as fore-warned;
When will we be able to succeed,
Laying down our lives for our brothers?


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