When our circle of friends,
Keeps dwindling year after year,
It shows Time is catching us up,
And our Time is near,
Each of us becoming its silent prey!
For those of us who survive its clutches,
Our aches and pains will slow us down;
Our sight and sound will soon be failing,
Rendering us hapless and frail,
Our teeth and taste are gone,
Our skin wrinkled and rough;
Everything we eat must be soft and bland;
This will be the final stage before the end!
Before this stage, I elect to be the first,
To be in the bandwagon of Time,
Than to linger to live on,
Till the last stage of life!

Blessed is he who is ready,
To let go of Life and all its entanglement;
Like a chrysalis’ transformation,
From a worm-like creature to a beautiful butterflY!


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