The past week was very eventful. Why? I tried so hard to get into my blog. More than 20 tries and still failed to get in. I really do not know what had happened. My godson, Alvin was not in Singapore, so I had no one to turn to. I had to wait for him to return to Singapore in order to ask for his help. Thanks to him, you can read what I have in stored for you.
Probably, you would ask me why I wrote on such a topic. Well, one of my very good buddies had succumbed to the final stage of cancer and had gone to be with the Lord. It really saddens me! He was younger than me – same year different months – and that sets me thinking when will be my turn? So this is my testimony and believe :

When I come to the ocean of Death,
My Saviour will show me the way,
For He has conquered Death,
And crossed over the ocean of graves!

Jesus has died for all my sins,
By His Grace and Love I am redeemed;
He is my Companion and Guide,
I in Him will abide!

Together, He will take me across the ocean,
I do not need to doubt or fear;
Just rest in His everlasting Arms,
I will securely and safely reach Home!


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