It is only when we are baffled by questions or answers that we start to think deeper. We will start thinking, comparing and reasoning at the same time. That is a good sign. It shows that we are alert, having a mind of our own and will not be easily convinced or swayed.
It is for this reason that I am trying to create this awareness and alertness in my readers. At the same time, I want my readers to be witty, knowledgeable and enjoy what they are reading. The questions and answers are all original.
Well, let us call this exercise A WITS GAME. Let us begin…

1. What did the music conductor tell his orchestra before their performance?

2. Mr Smith bought a new car which does not run on fossil fuel nor electricity. Then what does it run on?

3. What did the deflated balloon say to the inflated balloon?

4. What does a person who has lost one of his eyes complain to his neigbour?

5. What did the ass tell the donkey?

6. Why do people who love roses often cry?

7. What is the difference between a life-guard and a body-guard?

8. If a man has three wives, he will usually call them my first wife, my second wife and my third wife? What name would you give to a wife who is in between the first and the second wife?

9. When will a caterpillar learn to fly?

10.Why do men keep their hair long nowadays?


Hope you have enjoyed trying to give your answers. Now, compare your answers to the ones I have!

1. Look at my hands and follow the instruction!

2. It runs on the road!

3. You are full of hot air!

4. I can only see half of what you see!

5. We are both academically done for!

6. They are often pricked by their thorns!

7. The former guards the life of his employer whil the latter guards his body!

8. Let us call her Mid-wife!

9. When it becomes a butterfly!

10.They are too lazy to go to the barber!


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