Christmas is a time of falling snow,
A white Christmas I have been told;
Signals another year of good harvest,
Successful businesses, joy and happiness!
Here, we have continuous rain instead of snow,
Making our lives dreary and cold;
Businessmen moan and groan,
In areas where flash floods prone!
This is a season to check our stock,
The good, the bad and all our faults;
On hindsight, let us thank the Lord,
We can see God’s blessings, love and care!
How He answers our prayers,
Not in the way we perceived He ought to do,
But in His Sovereign Will He did what He did!
Let us praise God for Who He is,
And act according to His Sovereign Will,
Not listening to our whims and fancies,
The God Who loves His creatures still!
Christmas is a time for self reflection,
And trust God to provide another year’s provision,
Let us celebrate, praise and honour Him,
He is Lord of our Salvation!


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