The other day, a group of my friends and I debated if we have any freedom at all?

I am sure all of us would agree that we have freedom. But do we realize that freedom comes with responsibility? Does freedom mean that we can do anything we choose or like without thinking of consequences that may  be detrimental to ourselves or to others?

We are not alone in this world. We live in groups or communities. Whatever we do  will somehow affect the others around us. So, do we exercise our freedom of choice and action even though it affects the people around us?

Living in groups, like playing any game or sports, we have to follow a certain guideline called rules and regulations. Without them, everything will be chaotic! These rules and regulations are in place to ensure that everything is done fairly and orderly!

Let’s take an example like ‘ Queueing up for our turn’. Does queueing up take away our freedom? Or, because we have to queue, we feel that we have to obey  the rule and therefore, there is no freedom?

Even in religion, there is freedom of choice. None can force or coerce you to join or accept their faith. Even the God in the Bible gives us the freedom of choice.

Yes, all of us have freedom. We have to be responsible for our choice or action when we use this freedom!




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