This is a funny time of the year when I always look back on hindsight and start to feel regret or remorseful because of the actions of the past twelve months. Even though I told myself a thousand times  let the Past be past and dwell on the Present, the continuous thinking irks me . Is there a pill that I can take to ease or erase this habit?

Ah, the Buddhists will say “letting go……” Many years ago, a wise man told me to use “I choose not to……” I have tried both ways, still my monkey mind refuses even I tried to overcome it with my choice! Well, I am sure giving advice to others is easy but to do it ourselves is extremely difficult! Yes, many a time we know the solution to our problem, but to execute it, we find great difficulty! Well, I think I have to tame the monkey mind with some bananas or peanuts, then it would “let go” and I will be free!

Ah… Spring time is here again! This is a time when I always recall the story of THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER. This year which character should I choose even though I know what is the outcome of the choice?

Our experience always tells us that we seldom have the same ending as the story we have read. In life, another wise man says, “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!” My question is “HOW?” How can we expect the unexpected? What does it really mean? Perhaps some wise readers will write to me and teach me the method!

Do we really go into all the possibilities of expected outcome and unexpected outcome. The list of the negative will be a mile long! Or does it really mean that we must have another solution when what we expect does not materialize?

I expect it to rain so I bring along an umbrella. Suddenly, it does not rain, but it snows. I have not expected it to snow, so now I am feeling cold. Now , when I expect it to rain, my solution would be the umbrella; but when it snows, I must bring along my sweater. What happens when there is hailstones and flood? What are the things I must bring along?

Does this mean “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED?” Please teach me!


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