A hollow slender cylindrical tube,

Filled with poisonous weeds;

Lures its gullible victims,

Enslaving them to a life-time of habits!

It looks so harmless at first sight,

So harmless indeed when we have the first bite;

Once we are seized by its powerful web,

We succumb to its lust!

We need the daily dosage of toxic waste,

To satisfy our sense of well-being;

Till our lungs and other organs,

Are clogged with toxic substances!

Diverse sickness siege our body,

Cancer, blindness ….and diabetes,

Till our body lie in waste,

We still crave for its taste!

How foolish we smokers can be,

Knowing the odds but still believe:

“It will never happen to me!”

Unlike striking a lottery,

The result is a joyless one,

We cannot turn back the clock of time,

But suffer the consequences of our choice,

Bear the pain and suffering with remorse,

And admit with silent tears,


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