The imprints I have made in the shores of sand,

Will very soon be erased by the tides of men;

Store in the archives of dusty history book of time!

How many of us ,

Will leave a legacy that lasts,

A generation or two?

All too soon it will be forgotten too!

Learned men salvage the old dusty history books,

To learn the pitfalls of each age and decade,

Yet wars and crime perpetuate,

To date and in every decade!

When will we learn to live ,

In peace and harmony, to co-exist?

Supremacy turns Man into a savage beast,

To stay on top and be supreme;

Numerous stories are recorded in the archives,

Waiting to be read and learn;

Each generation prefers  living and writing  its own legacy, 

To reading pitfalls of past history!

Perhaps, this is how the human race progresses,

Finding its own destiny without God!




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