We have to search and dig,

For jewels  of hidden wisdom in words;

Bisect and sieve them with a creative mind,

The jewels are for keeps when you find!

Word within a word will  caution us

These are mere examples (do not laugh),

There is a ‘lie’ in things that we ‘be lie ve’;

We must trust  ‘us’ or ourselves,

Before we can learn to ‘trust’ others;

When we ‘hear’ with our ‘heart’,

Sympathy we shall impart!

When someone ‘hears’ with only ‘ears’,

He does it most reluctantly;

When we are proud and full of ‘pride’

The ‘i’ always stands out very clearly!

When we see all things ‘red’

‘Hatred’ rears in our head!

A word can be spelt from left to right,

It becomes another word from right to left;

A ‘drawer’ can be used as a ‘reward’,

A ‘dog’ can never be ‘god’!

We can use  ‘tar’ to catch a ‘rat’,

But a ‘deer’ does not resemble a ‘reed’;

Take heed of this final warning:

The ‘TIP’ of our tongue is a bottomless ‘PIT’!

These and many more if we patiently dig and sieve,

The jewels of wisdom are ours to keep!


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