The ‘blind’ does not necessary means a person without sight,

It can mean something that can shade you from sunlight;

The ‘minutes’ is not the time that ticks away,

But it is the record of things transpired at a meeting;

A ‘pilot’ project has nothing to do with a pilot,

Who flies an aeroplane,

But it is the first experimental stage before implementation;

A ‘ruler’ is not just for drawing straight lines,

But also for a king who governs a territory;

If ‘mean’ means ‘average’,

What is the difference between an ‘average’ man and a ‘mean’ man?

How can a ‘table’ be a piece of furniture,

If it displays data and classification?

How can a ‘pirate’ be a sea-robber,

When it is an illegal copy of someone’s work?

A ‘ball’ is for us to kick around,

But how can it be a grand dancing party?

Now the ball is in your ‘yard’,

Use it to measure the distance apart!


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